Only Top Gear Would Do This With Exotic Cars

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Even without Jezza, TG still wows.

What happens when you've got open road, the spirit of adventure, and three of the most insane track-orientated supercars on the planet? If you're Top Gear, you drive them into the hills in a downpour and then through some rather large puddles. No this is not Jezza, Captain Slow, and The Hamster misbehaving. It is in fact Top Gear Magazine, and dammit Chris Evans stop throwing up and get this show back on TV! This video shows what not to do with a McLaren 675LT, Porsche GT3RS, and a Lamborghini Aventador SV.

Okay, who are we kidding: We would totally embrace our inner child and drive these cars through giant puddles. The video demonstrates just how easy and livable modern day supercars are, even in the most adverse road conditions. Embrace the scenic beauty and cringe at wheel spin in all the wrong places. Damn we miss this show.

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