Oops! This Gulf Liveried Porsche 911 GT3 RS Tried To Go For A Swim

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Maybe the mechanic thought it was thirsty?

A mechanic at the Porsche Centrum Amsterdam dealership in the Netherlands is in quite a bit of trouble after 911 GT3 RS found its way into the water on his watch. Feel free to make any jokes about Porsches being water-cooled vs. air-cooled now. We'll wait. According to Van Veldhuijzen, the photographer who captured these pictures, the individual applying the Gulf livery onto the sports car let it roll off the ledge and into the water. When it comes to screw ups we'd say this a pretty damn bad one.

The managing director for the dealership, Hans Van der Valk, explained the situation to the Dutch outlet RTL Nieuws. (Shout out to Google Translate.) "The car was parked at the waterfront and a mechanic made a mistake when trying to get the vehicle," Valk stated, according to RTL news. "That is very unfortunate, but it can happen. When there are people, mistakes are made." Basically, the guy made a mistake trying to move it or park it. Maybe he didn't set the brake? It might be a mistake, but it's an expensive one. However, the Porsche apparently sustained minimal damage, which most likely comes down to the fact that the engine is in the back. What's more is that the car is still being prepared for delivery. Talk about lucky.

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