Opel Adam Could Lead to Full Range

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Opel considers following Mini, Fiat's lead with expanded hatchback family. Buick takes notice.

When an automaker comes out with a stylish little hatchback, it's not just the end result of a development process - it's often the beginning of something bigger. Just look at Mini, whose initial retro hatch has since bred countless versions, including convertibles, wagons, crossovers and coupes. Fiat is following the same route, with the 500 leading to the 500C convertible, the 500L minivan and soon the 500X crossover. Citroen's DS3 has given birth to an entire DS sub-brand. And now Opel could be following the same route.

GM's German division (along with its British cousin Vauxhall) recently unveiled the new Opel Adam, a stylish little hatchback aiming squarely at the 500. Now the company (which recently lost its chief executive) is considering expanding the line with additional models. Opel is cautioning that it isn't in any rush to spin the Adam off, insisting that it will wait to see how the first model plays out. In the meantime, though, the Adam could make its way Stateside as a Buick. The city car is much smaller than traditional Buicks, but it wouldn't be the first time an Opel would make the transatlantic voyage to Buick showrooms.

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