Opel Adam May Come to the US as a Buick

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The Opel-Buick relationship may soon become even stronger.

In case anyone wasn't fully aware, two of Buick's current crops came directly from GM's Euro division Opel. Both the Regal and Verano are first cousins to the Opel Insignia and the Astra. In fact, the Regal is a near clone of the Insignia. That's not a bad thing at all, but GM has realized this pairing is working out quite well and it may soon expand the Buick a bit more. A report that's just come out is claiming that the Fiat 500 fighter, the Opel Adam, could one day soon find its way across the Atlantic and into Buick showrooms.

Of course it would be renamed and rebadged for the US brand, but GM is still in the midst of deciding whether or not this is something it wants to do. The Fiat 500 is still selling well, so GM clearly sees that Americans are beginning to warm up to city cars. By doing a little badge swapping, GM could then claim it has its own US Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper rival. Again, nothing has been decided just yet, but GM's CEO, Dan Akerson, is apparently keen to do this.

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