Opel Ampera EV Police Cruiser Ready for European Streets

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The Opel Ampera is the European counterpart of the wildly successful Chevrolet Volt. What better way to kick-start sales of a specialty vehicle than by enlisting the government as one of your clients? A big reason why the Ampera would need any help at all is because it comes with a starting price tag of €42,900 (about $58,000), so Opel will need all the help it can get.

Before the Ampera hits the European showrooms at the end of the year, Opel is already exploring the possibility of a police package for its range-extended electric vehicle. The company claims that the Ampera would make a perfect police car for urban use. The Ampera is similar to the Volt in that it can be driven in pure electric mode for 40-80 km (25- 50 miles) before the gasoline engine kicks in to produce electricity. This leaves the Ampera with a total driving range of over 311 miles. The final production version will be debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.

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