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Opel Astra Sedan Prototype Caught Nearly Naked


Opel continues to expand their Astra lineup with more variants.

Our always prepared spy photographers have just caught the upcoming Opel Astra sedan out testing in Europe. It also seems to have the facelifted front end the entire Astra lineup will incorporate beginning next year. For American buyers who happen to like this, you have a choice between the Chevrolet Cruze and the Buick Verano, as all three are based on the same platform. What hasn't been confirmed, however, is whether Vauxhall, GM's UK division, will receive the sedan version as well.

Engines options will likely be the same as those for the Astra hatchback, so buyers will have a choice of up to eight engines, both diesel and gasoline. Transmission choices include either a six-speed manual or an automatic. Opel hasn't confirmed yet whether there'll be an Astra OPC high-performance sedan, but our guess here is that it won't be offered. In addition, an Astra Cabrio is also expected to debut next year with the sedan. Both will have their official unveilings at the 2012 Paris Auto Show this September.

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