Opel is Not for Sale, Will Launch a New Flagship That is


Opel isn't finished just yet, with plans to release a new top-of-the-line model in 2016/17.

Opel, the infamous loss-generating European brand of General Motors, is absolutely not for sale. GM CEO Dan Akerson said at a GM plant during a celebration marking the launch of labor talks with the UAW, "We don't comment on speculation - and there has been a lot of speculation - but I will say this: Opel is not for sale." This comes two months after German sources at Der Spiegel and Auto Bild both claimed the automaker was treading on thin ice and could possibly be offloaded.

While Opel is in the process of shutting down it's Bochum plant in Germany (and having to pay out a large $360,000 per worker), reports have just came in from Automotive News Europe that the German automaker is planning a new high-end flagship model for 2016 or early 2017. Karl-Friedrich Stracke, Opel CEO, said that the next flagship model would be in the style of a crossover blended with the benefits of a station wagon and a SUV. Opel's 2008 flagship Insignia was originally a station wagon, so the Germans could actually be planning a successor.

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To boost Opel's green image, an alternative powertrain that runs on a hybrid/fuel cell system could be added. This comes on the heels of reports saying the next generation Buick LaCrosse and Enclave would be sold in Europe as Opels Opel could produce up to 20,000 units of the new car annually, however one thing is for sure: if they want to stay afloat in this changing market progress needs to be made sooner rather than later.