Opel Is Trying To Convince Itself To Build The Stunning GT Concept

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We fail to see a reason why not.

Last March at Geneva Opel revealed the GT Concept, a gorgeous two-seat coupe that's also a present day version of the old Opel GT sports car. Well, it would be a modern day GT if it were actually sent to production, but according to Autocar, Opel can't decide whether or not to make that happen. Vauxhall-Opel chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann recently stated that not only does he want to see it reach production, but "the question is what the right approach is." There are a couple of possibilities, and both of which are rear-wheel-drive options.

The first is to develop a "parts bins" rear-wheel-drive platform. The second is to utilize an existing RWD platform. Fortunately, Opel recognizes that RWD is essential to the GT, so no cutting corners there. However, Opel's GM parent company doesn't really like the idea of a parts bin platform, so that leaves the second option. Above all, however, the GT project boils down to – surprise! – costs. "You can take parts and pieces," Neumann said. "But it's a matter of cost. If you do a lot of engineering on the platform, then you can't do it." A possible answer here, according to Autocar, could be for Opel to partner with SAIC, GM's Chinese partner, which also owns MG.

But we have our own possible solution: call Mazda, which already lets Fiat build its 124 Spider off the MX-5 Miata's RWD platform. Actually, Mazda builds both cars alongside each other in Hiroshima, Japan. Point being is that Mazda has a platform ideally suited for what Opel needs. And because both the MX-5 and 124 are drop tops whereas the GT will have a fixed roof, there wouldn't be much competition between the three. Plus, the GT won't be sold in the US. Opel would obviously use its own engine and other components as well. No final decision has been regarding the GT just yet, but Neumann believes they've got no more than two years to make one before the design is no longer appealing.

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