Opel Monza Concept Heralds a New Era for the Marque

If the new styling language can be successfully carried over to future models, the future looks bright for Opel.

Opel plans to launch 23 new models and 12 new powertrains in the next few years, and the new Monza Concept on show at Frankfurt this week heralds in a new era for the German carmaker. After years of posting nine-figure losses, Opel hopes to turn a corner and if the beautiful Monza Concept is a sign of things to come the future could be bright. The coupe is the first chapter in a new generation of cars focused on efficiency and connectivity utilizing sleek, lightweight styling and cutting-edge interior tech.

Power comes from an electric drive with a range extender in the form of a 1.0-liter SIDi turbo unit running on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), a development of the Ampera’s drivetrain, and something we may see in the next-gen Chevy Volt.

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