Opel RAK e Concept Unveiled Ahead of Frankfurt

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As the urban EV concept trend continues, Opel has just unveiled their vision of the future with their RAK e that'll premiere next week at Frankfurt.

It seems as if one of the key themes of this year's Frankfurt Auto Show is lightweight, environmentally compact urban EV concepts. First there was BMW's i3, and then came Audi's Urban EV and Volkswagen's Nils. And now, Opel is jumping into the ring with their newly revealed RAK e concept. The RAK e is an EV that's meant to help revolutionize urban city transport. Opel is describing it as a great choice for young drivers and "those who are on a tight budget."

And like the Audi urban concepts, the RAK e is designed to carry only two passengers. Styling-wise, the front-end resembles that of the Ampera and the rear wheels are very close together. A bit odd-looking? Certainly, but so was the Model T when it first premiered. Opel hasn't released any technical details or other specifics, but the automaker does claim it has a driving range of around 62 miles and a top speed of 75mph. No official word yet on whether it's heading towards production, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Opel move ahead with this project in some capacity in order to remain in the urban EV competition with the other major German players.

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