Opel Resorts to Hypnotizing People to Make Them Forget It’s Boring

If only GM could do this for the rest of its recent history.

The Opel Insignia – GM’s European version of the BuickRegal – is really a fine car, blending tasteful design with advanced mechanicsand quite a few luxuries. But what do you do when customers simply don’t wantto give it a shot, because they conceive the entire brand as boring andlackluster? In Denmark, Opel decided to hypnotize several customers, makingthem forget everything they knew about the brand as they get behind the wheelto test drive a new Insignia.

Check out the video to see how it goes down. After watching it, we bet GMmanagement is now trying to figure out a way to wipe the company’s entirerecent history out of the minds of American customers.

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