Special Edition

Opel Unlimited Range Topping Insignia

Opel has introduced a new 'Ulimited' version of its top of the line Opel Insignia OPC model and it's expected to hit the market later this month. The new version boasts of its ability to showcase maximum speeds of up to 167 mph. At a starting price of 48,605 Euros, or $69,637, the Opel Insignia OPC Unlimited has a maximum power output of 325-horsepower and comes with standard all-wheel drive.

Opel's marketing department states that the new 'Unlimited' is designed to provide experienced and responsible drivers the "full technical possibilities of their car." The overall appearance of the 'Unlimited' differs from the stock Insignia by a new blue Brembo logo, a newly-designed tachometer and a new speedometer.

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