Opel Unveils Monza Concept


Radical new design, state-of-the-art interior and efficient powertrain previews the future of the German carmaker.

Following last month's teaser, Opel has whisked the wraps off the Monza Concept prior to the car's official unveiling at the Frankfurt 2013. Representing the marque's "automotive future," the coupe showcases the evolution of Opel's current design language, and demonstrates its desire to optimize efficiency in its next generation of cars. The Monza Concept's beautifully shaped hood with distinctive center fold nods to the original 1977 Monza, while the four-seat coupe's sculptural surfaces are inspired by ocean waves lapping on the seashore.

Despite standing just 1.31m tall, the large Gullwing doors and lack of B-pillar make for easy entry and egress, while a cleverly flicked up roof line and a cabin sitting 15 cm lower than comparable models ensures there's plenty of headroom and 500 liters of boot space. Power comes from an electric drive with a range extender in the form of a 1.0-liter SIDi turbo unit running on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), a development of the Ampera's drivetrain. Inside, a wide sculpted dashboard uses a single projection surface with 18 LED projectors creating a continuous multi-functional 3D display running from door to door operated via the steering wheel and voice control.

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