Open-Air Luxury with Mulsanne Vision Concept

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The Mulsanne Vision Convertible Concept provides a glimpse into Bentley's future plans.

The 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is currently underway in Monterey, California, and automakers far and wide are using the annual event to showcase some of their newest models. We have already seen that crazy McLaren X-1 Concept at the show and fellow British automaker Bentley was quick to make their presence felt as well. Bentley has just released a set of sketches previewing their latest version of their flagship Mulsanne sedan.

The Vision Convertible Concept comes three years after its sedan counterpart made its official debut at Pebble Beach and the open-air brilliance of Bentley's engineers and designers wasn't lost amidst all the action. Designed to be a "fusion of sportiness and coach-built elegance," the Vision Convertible Concept's interior was inspired by luxurious, high-performance power boats while its exterior features sculpted lines and muscular haunches which "convey a sense of power and movement." Again, all we have for now are these sketches, but Bentley will more than likely deliver the goods with the actual concept car.

"The modern, luxurious, high-tech Mulsanne saloon provides a perfect foundation on which to create the world's most elegant convertible. The Convertible Concept will extend the appeal of the Mulsanne family, while enhancing the profile of the Bentley brand, particularly in new and emerging markets," says Bentley Chairman and Chief Exec Wolfgang Durheimer. Convertibles have been a part of Bentley's lineup since 1919, so it only seems natural that they would reinvent their Mulsanne to display the open-air elegance we have come to know and love from the Crewe-based outfit.

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For now, it seems as if Bentley is currently trying to gauge interest in the new concept. Should they decide to go through with production of the convertible, it could reach the market as a new version of the Azure. Details in terms of power and materials have been sparse, however we are crossing our fingers that we will see a real-life version of the Vision Concept sometime next year.

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