Open Roof: Newport Convertible Engineering Peels Roof off Jaguar XJ

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American convertible specialist, Newport Convertible Engineering, give the Jaguar XJ sedan a new look.

There is nothing quite like riding in a convertible on a beautiful day, especially when that car just happens to be a Jaguar. With that idea in mind, American convertible specialist Newport Convertible Engineering has now produced a four-door cabriolet based on the long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ sedan. The company has previously sawed off the roofs of a Toyota FJ Cruiser, Hummer H2, Mercedes CL and even a Toyota Prius. As awkward as those finished products were, the XJ is even more so.

Because of the folding soft top, rear space has been cut down along with available trunk space. But before everyone jumps in line to buy one, you should know the cost for an XJ cabriolet by NCE will set you back around $130,000. Overall, we feel the graceful and sleek roofline of the standard XJ is what partially gives it its beautiful and striking appearance. Without that roof, the car looks really awkward. NCE states this was their most challenging job to date, but we'd prefer to leave Jaguar convertibles as two-doors.

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