Order A 2020 Chevrolet Corvette? Prepare To Be Disappointed


Early buyers will probably have to wait longer than planned.

Now entering its fifth week, the UAW strike does not appear to have an immediate conclusion. General Motors, meanwhile, is beginning to suffer more than just financial consequences for failing to reach a long-term agreement. Not only is money being lost but the production of a certain hot new model now appears to be delayed, as previously rumored. Although GM has yet to make an official announcement, new information from MidEngine Corvette Forum appears to confirm 2020 Chevy Corvette production is being delayed by as much as two months.

Information provided by Chevy Chat to a customer who purchased a new Corvette with a low VIN was told the initially scheduled production date of December 2 has been pushed to January 20. Other early buyers have also seen their December production dates pushed to no earlier than January 20.

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Corvette Convertible production, meanwhile, is supposedly due to begin sometime in the first business quarter of 2020. Now, it's still not impossible for GM to meet both body style start dates, but that would necessitate for the strike to end now, which it probably won't. Also, the Bowling Green, Kentucky plant, the longtime home of the Corvette, still reportedly has some C7 production to finish up prior to C8s rolling off the line.

This also means some factory re-tooling is still probably required for the generational switch, and this requires additional time. The Christmas and New Year holiday period won't help because the factory is shut down.

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Unfortunately, we won't know exactly when 2020 Corvette production will officially get started until the strike is resolved. Both sides have reported some progress but until an agreement is signed, nothing changes. Early C8 Corvette buyers who rushed to place deposits in order to get a low VIN will simply have to wait. They're powerless to do anything about the situation, which is understandably frustrating.

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