Orders For The Discontinued Dodge Viper Will Reopen Before Year End


This is now your last chance to order a Dodge Viper.

It was a truly sad day when the Dodge Viper, one of America's most renowned sports cars, was discontinued by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles last month. Orders were closed on October 7, with production expected to end in 2017. It was a similar story for the top-of-the-range Viper ACR – if you tried to order one after September 27, you were out of luck. However, those of you who are looking to buy a 2017 Viper will now have one last chance, as orders are expected to reopen by the end of the year according to company officials.


Speaking to the Detroit News, Dodge's Tim Kuniskis confirmed that orders were halted in October so that they could assess how many models they could produce for next year to meet the high demand. "We actually had to shut down the ordering because we outran our headlights," he said. "We didn't know if we were going to have enough parts to build all the cars that people ordered." The 645-hp Viper ACR has had unprecedented demand, too. "The demand for ACR is off the charts - way more than we ever expected. We are close to opening it back up now that we know how many more we can build," Kuniskis continued. "They will sell out quickly."

In response to the shortage, a Dodge dealership in North Carolina recently bought over 100 new Vipers to give the savage sports car a proper sendoff, including three limited edition models with bespoke customization. With the knowledge that 2017 will be the last year of the Viper, demand will surely hit the roof. If you're looking to snap one up when they go back on sale, you better act fast.


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