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Oregon Car Thief Gets Run Over By Honda Accord He Tried To Steal

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You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever.

According to ABC News, a suspected car thief in Oregon is not only in a lot of legal trouble, but he may also be one of the worst car thieves in America right now. What'd he do wrong? He somehow pinned himself when he jumped out of the rolling Honda Accord he attempted to steal during a police chase. Meet 31-year-old Isaiah John Gellatly, who now suffers from a broken leg.

His current troubles all began last Monday just after 11 p.m. when a Happy Valley, Oregon patrol officer responded to a call about a theft in progress. The officer soon spotted Gellatly inside a parked 1998 Honda Accord. For whatever reason, he was lying in the fully-reclined driver's seat.

Was this his failed attempt to hide? Probably. But oh, it gets better. When the officer approached the vehicle and shined his flashlight inside, Gellatly sat up in the driver's seat, put the car in gear and drove away. The officer raced back to his patrol car, turned on his flashing lights and siren, and the chase got underway. Fellow officers soon joined the chase. Gellatly wasn't intimidated.

"He repeatedly blew through stop signs and crossed over into the opposing lane of traffic during the high-speed pursuit," according to the police statement. Gellatly soon drove into a business complex and began hitting curbs and even a retaining wall. The pressure must have finally gotten to him. He also made contact with a police officer's bumper. Gellatly figured it was about time to bail, so opened the driver's door and jumped out of the still moving Honda.

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"Gellatly then attempted to cut in front of his vehicle around the same time it crashed into a tree and building wall," the police statement continued. Our idiot thief friend wound up getting the lower third of his leg pinned under the car's wheel. Officers also found other suspected stolen goods inside the Honda, including a tennis racket, ping-pong paddle, designer sunglasses, and a Schwinn scooter. Gellatly was treated at a local hospital for the broken leg and was arrested for obvious reasons.