Original 'Back to the Future' DeLorean to be Restored


Are you telling me that you built a time machine....out of a DeLorean?

Ever since the original 'Back to the Future' film was released back in 1985 and its subsequent sequels, there have been many replicas of Doc Brown's famous DeLorean Time Machine. There were also several different cars used for filming, but there was only one considered to be the producer's 'A Car.' According to Bob Gale, producer and co-writer of the iconic movies, the A Car was the most detailed of all the shooting models and was used in all three films.

Upon the trilogy's completion, the car wasn't stored properly and it spent many years displayed outside where nature got the best of it. And now Bob Gale has successfully started a campaign to restore the A Car back to its original condition. Enlisting the help of DeLorean fans and expert replica builders Joe Wasler, J Ryan, and Terry Matalas, Gale has announced that a complete museum quality restoration of the car is about to begin. He is also asking BTTF fans for help, specifically in seeking out any original parts that can be used to help the restorers. You can check out the project's official Facebook page for further details about this extremely cool project.

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