Original Ford Bronco Gets Four Doors And 670 Horsepower

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The classic SUV upgraded with Coyote V8 and a whole lote more.

While the forthcoming new Ford Bronco is expected to take the form of a four-door crossover, the original was a two-door sport-ute. But there's one company out there that's out to change that... retroactively.

Based in Bloomington, Illinois (about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis), Maxlider Brothers Customs specializes in restoring and modifying old Broncos. And that (should the customer so desire) includes adding a couple of doors to make the old pony-truck more like a modern four-door Jeep Wrangler with three rows of seating. But there's more to its restomod jobs than cutting the bodywork and fitting some hinges and seats.


For one thing, the Maxlider Brothers amp up the engine. They've partnered with Roush to supercharge the current Mustang's 5.0-liter Coyote V8 to deliver as much as 670 horsepower. Yes, you read that right: 670 horsepower in a first-gen '66 Bronco, which is about a gazillion more than it ever offered from the factory. Heck, not even the modern Shelby GT350 packs that big a punch, with only 526 horsepower on offer.

It's all channeled (to all four wheels of course) through a six-speed manual transmission and rides on a jacked-up suspension that'd make most modern machinery look puny by comparison.

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The Maxliders first revealed this show truck at SEMA last year, and have been working with a long list of suppliers and sponsors ever since to make the dream a reality. Judging from these photos of the initial prototype, it looks like an immaculate work of art. Here's hoping they can make more of 'em before the Blue Oval takes the nameplate in another direction altogether. Because while we're sure the new Bronco will be cool and all, it won't be no 670-horsepower open-top beast like the Maxliders' is.

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