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Original Toyota MR2 was a Showcase of Futurism

And there's no such thing as one that's rust-free.

Old Japanese cars have a bad tendency to rust. It’s just a fact and the first-generation Toyota MR2 (codenamed AW11) that launched in 1984 is no exception. Yes, Japanese-built cars have always been reliable but look at one from the 1980s and you’ll see a fair amount of oxidized metal. The original MR2 is no exception to this and even its engine bay rusts thanks to a couple of dorsal air vents that allowed water to drip right inside.

Fortunately, that first MR2 was a special car for Toyota as its first mass production pure sports car. Its layout was ideal: a naturally aspirated four pot at mid-ship with RWD. Now the guys at Regular Car Reviews have applied their typical dose of literal eloquence to the little coupe.

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