Ottowerks Turns a Classic BMW 1602 into a Truck (and it's for sale)

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The BMW Ute that BMW will never officially build.

There have been some aftermarket tuners and private owners over the years that have done what BMW will likely never do: build a truck. Well, kind of, if taking an existing BMW model and removing the back seats and everything else from the b-pillar and back counts. And to be honest, some of the final results have looked pretty good (if you're a fan of the El Camino or Australian Utes). Now one of those tuning firms has not only built a "BMW Ute" but is also offering it for sale.

Ottowerks, based in California, started their project off with a 1971 BMW 1602 Coupe. They started off by removing everything from the b-pillar on back without altering the sub-frame in order to make room for the truck bed. The frame was also reinforced and a four point bolt-in roll cage was installed for further stability and protection.

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In addition to the bodywork, the tuner ditched the Bimmer's original four-cylinder M10 for a 2.5-liter straight-six from the E30 325i. It's mated to a Geartag five-speed manual that sends power to the rear wheels. Other additions include Bilstein shocks with lowering springs, Euro 15 basket weave wheels, Euro turn signals, Lucas rally lights, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and many other custom bits. It's currently up for sale on eBay and according to Ottowerks, the interior has been kept all stock to maintain its vintage feel. The only exception is that E36 M3 seats have been fitted in order to add to the driving experience.

Another great touch is that there's stained Australian lace wood surrounds throughout the entire tub back panels of the cab. According to Ottowerks, the idea was to "mimic the style of vintage chris-craft boats." As of now, it has a current bit of just over $11k, but there's still time left to bid and the reserve hasn't been met. Interested? You're likely not the only one.

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