Our First Look At The McLaren P15 Will Be On December 10

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Let the countdown begin.

Mark your calendars because McLaren has officially announced that it will unveil online its next Ultimate Series model, currently dubbed the P15. That day is December 10, a little less than one month from now. So far only the P1 and P1 GTR have been part of the Ultimate Series, so this latest debut is quite a big deal. We already know the P15 will be both a hardcore track car as well as a street legal machine. Because of its track focus, the P15 will sacrifice some daily usability but we doubt the supposed 300 lucky owners will care.

Set to weigh around 3,300 lbs. and produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 hp, the P15 has been designed as the most extreme road-legal McLaren ever. Don't mistake, however, the P15 for the BP23, yet another upcoming Ultimate Series that aims to be the world's first Hyper-GT. While the BP23's reveal date is still unknown, we'll get our first look at the P15 in the flesh this March at Geneva. The latest teaser image from McLaren shows the P15's rear brake light. Previously, McLaren shows the tri-tip exhaust. Between now and the online reveal date we figure at least one more teaser will come out, but hopefully more. For anyone who though the McLaren P1 and P1 GTR were extreme, just wait.

The P15 and BP23 are both part of McLaren's Track22 business plan, which will see a total of 15 new models or derivatives of existing ones debut by the end of 2022. It's a tall order, especially for an automaker of McLaren's size. But given what it's proven to the supercar world in just the past few years, we have no reason not believe it can't deliver the goods.


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