Our Precious Mercedes A-Class Could Come With 7 Gas And 4 Diesel Engines

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If this is the car you want to spend your cash on, just remember it can be had with a 400-hp engine in the AMG A45.

Word on the street is that Mercedes is about to seriously raise the bar on the entry-level luxury segment when it introduces the A-Class sedan to America. With the jaw-dropping A Sedan Concept (pictured here) giving us wild hope that the production model will bear some resemblance to it, we're already welcoming the A-Class with open arms whether or not it actually gets built in Mexico. Chances are AMG will get ahold of a copy and tune it in ways that please the car gods, but before that we have to cover the mundane.

That would be the total of seven gasoline engines (not all of which will be mundane) and four diesel power plants that the A-Class is supposed to come with, according to Autocar. As one could reasonably expect, not all of those will make it to America. You can count on most if not all of the diesels and low-displacement gasoline engines getting the axe before coming stateside. On the upper end of the A-Class hierarchy will be a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 400 horsepower in the AMG A45 while the AMG A35 could get the same engine making 340 horsepower. Expect the A-Class to bring a host of plug-in hybrids and possibly even fully electric versions of itself to America as well.

Beyond the engine bay, the A-Class will also see a host of new improvements both inside and out. Steering and suspension systems will be getting an upgrade that should improve overall feel for added driving pleasure. The torsional rigidity of the body will also be higher, which has the dual effect of improving handling and cutting down on noise, vibration, and harshness. A wheelbase that's been extended by 30mm will help with that while thinned out pillars and larger windows will improve visibility. If that isn't enough, driver aids will become abundant in the A-Class, with the small Merc adopting technology from its more expensive brethren.

One cool piece of kit will be the optional dual 10.3-inch displays standing in for the gauge cluster, similar to the one in the Mercedes S-Class. With so much technology blanketing that gorgeous interior, it's going to be hard for the Audi A3 to keep its presence in the small luxury car class. We should see the new A-Class debut during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, but our American version could come earlier if we behave.


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