Our Spies Catch Jaguar’s New Wagon Before It Gets A 575-HP Transplant

Spy Shots

If you miss the Cadillac CTS-V, have no fear, Jaguar is here.

For the villainous cargo-haulers who enjoyed the movie "Suicide Squad" a bit too much, our spy photographers have caught something of interest coming straight from every antihero’s favorite car company, Jaguar. With all its resources thrown into making the F-Pace, Jaguar wasn’t expected to build a replacement Sportbrake wagon version of its XF sedan. However, the F-Pace has gone on to become the fastest-selling vehicle in the brand’s history.

With a bit of extra cash from its SUV, Jaguar caved and showed the world the XF Sportbrake at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The XF Sportbrake, like many other Jaguars, seems to follow the philosophy of function following form, so the style-conscious buyer who is used to sacrificing comfort for fashion will likely feel right at home. Not that the XF Sportbrake will be cramped, though. Rear seat occupants should be content with the extra headroom. Enthusiasts who enjoy spirited driving but want the type of cargo capacity offered by the F-Pace will now be able to find a happy medium in the XF Sportbrake. Out of all the places Jaguar could take the wagon testing, it chose the Nurburgring, proving performance is a priority.

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We believe that performance is a priority for them. The Tata subsidiary wants to include the full line of engines from the XF Sedan, which includes an S version pushing 380 horsepower from its 3.0-liter supercharged V6. Coming as early as 2017 and possibly 2018, the XF could gain R and SVR variants that will include supercharged 5.0-liter engines with horsepower in the neighborhoods of 480 and 575 horsepower, respectively. If these engines migrate to the XF Sportbrake, it would make the Jag one of the more powerful wagons on the block with enough performance to make up for the absence of the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon and BMW M5 Touring. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake should come to market by 2017, which includes a US release.