Our Spies Caught The Last Naturally Aspirated Aston Martin Testing

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The end of an era is marked with this stunning Vanquish.

The threat of assault on the Vanquish from Aston Martin's own DB11 seems to be enough to send the automaker scurrying for a means to keep its former flagship relevant. Luckily the automaker seems to have a plan: the inconspicuous gray grand tourer captured by our spy photographers and seen here. As one of the last users of the automaker's naturally aspirated V12 and as a shoutout to the the previous Vanquish, this car will get an "S" badge. Stylistically the changes aren't night and day, but they don't need to be on a car as beautiful as the Vanquish.

The front bumper sees the growth of a protruding lip and larger intake to manage airflow. At the rear the Vanquish S gains some diffusing fins on its bumper and steals the Zagato's quad exhaust setup which further alludes to changes under the hood. Revisions to the 5.9-liter V12 engine will help highlight the differences between the Vanquish and Vanquish S on the race track. While the current power plant makes a respectable 568 horsepower we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see it push out something in the neighborhood of 600 ponies. Thanks to the Vanquish Zagato we know the engine can handle that kind of output and we can't wait to see the result in action.

While these changes may seem subtle it's the last-minute buyers who want to secure a piece of Aston Martin history who will enjoy them the most. The new DB11-based Vanquish should be out in 2018, so like its predecessor the Vanquish S will have a very short shelf life, ensuring its status as a future collectible. Some may cry foul at Aston Martin for not doing enough to make the new Vanquish S stand out. Why just do a minor facelift and tune on a car this special? We can understand that sentiment but to us this design is timeless. It matures rather than ages. And after all, it's what's under the hood that will make this car truly special. And what's under the hood has a good chance of sounding unbelievable.

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