Our Spy Photographers Capture The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Evolving Into A Track Monster

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My Porsche, you've changed since we last saw you.

Not too long ago we brought you spy photos of what appeared to be the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS testing in the wild. For better or for worse, our spy photographer has caught another Porsche test mule that seems to indicate that testing and production of the car is moving along nicely. The previous car had exhaust pipes that didn't appear to be as production ready as the ones we see here. Additionally, the prototype has gained a larger albeit temporary rear wing.

This, in addition to the canards on the front bumper, will ensure that all eyes will be on those who opt for the aerodynamics package. Differentiating the GT2 RS from the GT3 RS facelift are new positions for the exhaust pipes as well as new cooling vents that seem to have sprouted out of the rear bumper. These two features signify that a heat-producing twin-turbo inline six lives north of the vent-riddled bumper, effectively eliminating the possibility of a GT3 or GT3 RS prototype since those two will keep their naturally aspirated power plants. Towards the rear, vents mounted on the fenders further help to cool the hothead engine. On the upside, there is a reason for all of this heat.

While the previous 911 GT2 RS made 620 horsepower, this car should clock in closer to 700 horsepower. All of that thrust will be sent to the rear wheels, making plenty of drivers thankful that the rear mounted engine doubles as a paperweight for the rear tires. To harness that level of power, the Porsche will receive a PDK transmission to keep lap time focus and provide instantaneous acceleration. Wishful thinkers will have their fingers crossed for a six speed manual, and all of that wishing may actually help since lately it seems that Porsche has been giving into customer demands. There is no telling when the 911 GT2 RS will hit tracks near you, but we're pretty sure you can catch sightings of the car at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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