Our Spy Photographers Catch The New Audi/Porsche RS5 Frankenstein

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We like where this is going.

It's time for displacement diehards to go cry another river because as expected, yet one more Audi has lost its V8 in favor of a six-cylinder resting on two turbocharger crutches. Last week it was the entry-level R8 and now, the RS5 will be following its supercar sibling's footsteps. Our spy photographers just caught a glimpse of the next generation RS5 out testing and at the very least we can say that despite the camouflage, it looks pretty after its cylinder reduction surgery.

The outgoing model was always a looker, but with a 4.2-liter V8 under the hood, it also sounded the part. However, the loudest bark doesn't always mean the worst bite, and this RS5 is a prime example of that. To help a cash strapped Volkswagen reduce costs, this RS5 will share an engine with the Porsche Panamera 4S and its own family member, the RS4. As such, the 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 will make its way into the Audi's engine bay, which now sits behind a more pronounced chin. We fully expect it to make more horsepower, somewhere between 450 and 480 ponies. In either case, it should be more powerful than its main rival, the BMW M4.

This may not be a huge improvement over the previous RS5, but like the BMW, the main benefits will come from a sizable increase in torque. With help from the turbochargers, this engine should make more than 400 lb-ft of it, making the old engine's 317 lb-ft look petty. Not long ago, we caught an earlier version of the RS5 making its test rounds, but as it's plain to see from the bodywork, this test mule appears to be wearing a body that's closer to production than the last. As seen in the new TT and R8, the new RS5 will wear Audi's new and more angular styling but we won't get to see the naked sheet metal until the 2017 Geneva Auto Show rolls around.

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