Ousted Ferrari 250 GTO Creator Built His Own Le Mans Winner

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And it was called the Bizzarrini A3/C. Never heard of it? Read on.

This is partially the story of Giotto Bizzarrini, a legendary engineer who was the mastermind behind the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO. He actually left Ferrari in the early 1960s. Rather, he was forced out as a member of the "famous five" engineers who left en masse over a major disagreement with Enzo Ferrari. The five then started their own company, Automobili Turismo e Sport. Bizzarrini also engineered and built something of his own specifically for endurance racing at Le Mans, called the A3/C.

Combining everything he knew from his time at Ferrari and Alfa Romeo prior to that, he built the aerodynamic A3/C. Along with its monstrous small block Chevy V8 and four Webber carbs, the Bizzarrini proved itself very quickly. In 1965, it won its class at Le Mans.

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Let's just say Old Man Enzo might have had a few regrets when that happened, especially considering the rise of a semi-crazy ex-chicken farmer from Texas also chasing after him, Carroll Shelby. Today, the actual Bizzarrini A3/C that won Le Mans is still very much running. In fact, it still takes part in vintage racing. It's in absolutely meticulous shape. Petrolicious recently caught up with its most current owner who is a true car enthusiast through and through.

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