Outlaw M5 Drifts the Streets of Tbilisi

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Most drift videos are shot on closed streets or racing circuits. But not this one.

One can do amazing things in a BMW M5 (or any Ultimate Driving Machine, really), not all of which are legal. Managing to avoid those pesky cops and traffic cameras can be tricky, but that's all part of the fun. Take, for example, this borderline lunatic who tears up the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia (as in the former Soviet country, not the US state) in his E34 M5. The driver manages to weave his way through traffic while narrowly swerving to avoid countless other vehicles and objects at rather perilous speeds.

Danger aside, it's a rather impressive display of driving skill. Now that he's posted what he says will be the last of his illegal drifting videos, though, we can't help but wonder how long it will take the Georgian authorities (assuming there are any) to catch the culprit and use his own videos as evidence against him.

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