Outrageous Carbon Fiber Body Kits Unveiled For Rolls-Royce Owners


A project so ambitious, it took two companies to pull it off.

Think of Rolls-Royce, and it's likely that you'll conjure up notions of opulence, craftmanship and an effortless driving experience. What you'd probably not associate the iconic British luxury brand with, though, is lightweight or carbon fiber packages. But that's exactly what Bengala Automotive Design and the Maryland-based carbon specialists Vitesse AuDessus are now offering to owners of the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and Dawn who aren't satisfied with the stock shapes of the svelte land yachts.

Though aftermarket carbon add-ons aren't 100% new to Rolls-Royces (the Mansory Palm Edition 999 take on the Wraith came with, among other questionable extras, a carbon fiber body kit), the use of forged carbon on a Rolls-Royce is claimed by Bengala to be an industry first. Even though fitting forged carbon bodywork parts and wheels to a Rolls for purely aesthetic reasons hasn't been attempted before, it hasn't meant Bengala and Vitesse have been modest with the packages it's offering. Fitting a hood, mirrors and surrounds for the grille and windshield will set you back at least $17,350, with the Wraith-exclusive forged roof and decklid adding another $16,605 to the bill.

That's a helluva lot of money to spend on a carbon kit, but we are talking about add-ons for cars with MSRPs that'll set you back at least $250,000, so it's not like most Rolls-Royce owners will care much about the Bengala/Vitesse forged carbon part prices. Plus, Bengala will store the original parts it's replacing with the forged items in their original condition for you on the off-chance you wish to return your Rolls to its stock look. That being said, the Wraith and Ghost models in the provided pictures do look surprisingly tasteful, so we would understand if some buyers kept the carbon parts on and only take the original bits out of storage should they sell their car at a later date.

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