Outside Of Italy, Miami Is The Best Place For A Lamborghini Aventador S

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Toss in a little road trip down to the Florida Keys as well.

Part of the whole Lamborghini ownership experience is driving that Raging Bull through twisty mountain roads surrounded by beautiful scenery. Italy immediately comes to mind. But as it turns out, sometimes driving a Lamborghini on flat and straight city streets can be just as rewarding, although it's a different experience entirely. That's what Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman learned when he took a brand new Lamborghini Aventador S through the streets of Miami and through the Florida Keys.

Of course, his Miami adventure happened before Hurricane Irma brought devastation upon South Florida, and if you're able to, please heed MT's call and donate to the American Red Cross. Back to the Lambo...the Aventador S is the latest and likely final version of the automaker's current scissor-doored V12 until its successor arrives.

If so, Lamborghini is making sure the Aventador is going out with a bang. Originally with 690 hp, the Aventador S has been upgraded to produce a total of 730 hp, just 10 ponies shy of the bat shit insane Aventador SV. But power is just one thing Lieberman experienced at the wheel; attention from bystanders was the other. Everywhere Lieberman and three other Lamborghini owners went (two other Aventadors and one Veneno), they were surrounded by admiring stares and smartphones. The Aventador S, as good as it is on twisty roads, also ideally suits the South Florida lifestyle. Big, loud and sexy. It ain't a bad way to live.

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