Over 100,000 Tesla Model S Recalled For Steering Issues

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Power steering issues come amid company's stock price tumble.

As Wall Street starts to scrutinize the company's manufacturing abilities, news of the automaker voluntarily recalling 123,000 Model S sedans couldn't have come at a worse time. Tesla sent out emails to owners of all Model S electric cars built before April 2016 to alert them to a potential issue affecting the car's power steering system in which corrosion can impact the bolts holding the power steering motor to the rack.

There's a risk the power steering motor could shear off which would lead to a loss of power steering–naturally. Allegedly, the issue is more prevalent in vehicles operating in cold climates, where corrosive magnesium and calcium road salts wreak havoc on the car's underbody. However, the company says it's not aware of any accidents or injuries as a result of failure. "Tesla plans to replace all early Model S power steering bolts in all climates worldwide to account for the possibility that the vehicle may later be used in a highly corrosive environment," the automaker said in a statement.

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The company also said that affected cars are still driveable while they wait to be contacted by the automaker. Once parts become available the cars will be fixed by replacing the power steering bolts which should take about an hour to complete at one of the company's service center. Tesla was also adamant that the recall doesn't affect the Model X and the newly launched Model 3. Those with questions can contact the company directly by email, at servicehelpna@tesla.com or on the phone at 844.248-3752.

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