Over 100 Cars to be Liquidated from Saab Museum


In light of their bankruptcy situation, Saab is forced to liquidate their assets, including most of their own museum.

The latest in the Saab saga isn't good. For fans of the brand, it's probably the worst news they could have imagined. About a month ago, the Swedish automaker officially filed for bankruptcy. There's still talk about a possible Chinese savior deal, but previous similar arrangements have all fallen through. And now Saab's assets are being sold off. And one of the first things to go is more than 100 classic models that belong to the Saab Heritage Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden.

An entire list has been compiled (in Swedish) and interested buyers need to send in their bids by mail or fax to the law firm handling the liquidation no later than January 20th. The collection itself is very unique and it includes some of the automaker most iconic models, including the first, hand-built 1946 Ursaab Prototype. It debuted to the public the following year and was even used in road testing. It's never been restored and is in its original condition. Other models include various 92 and 93 models from the 1950s. There's also the 1981 James Bond 900 Turbo, a 1985 EV-1 prototype, several Sonnets, and even the well-received Aero X Concept.

So could this be the official end of Saab? If their own museum is being sold off, then it's clearly not looking good. Let's hope that whoever ends up buying these cars will properly care for them.

Source Credits: bringatrailer.com

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