Over 5,900 Lamborghini Aventadors And 12 Venenos Recalled For Fire Risk

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Italian supercars and fires go hand in hand like Mustangs and Cars and Coffee crashes.

Let's be honest here for a second, how much time did you honestly expect to pass before one of Italy's supercar manufacturers issued a recall addressing the potential for its cars to go up in flames? Not long, we'd wager, and according to Automotive News, that's just what happened to Lamborghini just days after we reported that Australia's Competition and Consumer Commission had found a potential fire hazard in Aventador models built between 2012-2017.

That recall affected a total of 104 Aventador models in Australia. However, the worldwide recall recently issued by the manufacturer affects up to 5,900 Aventador models across the globe. Affected units include 12 Aventador-based Veneno models, including all three of the ultra-rare Veneno Roadsters in existence. The recall affects 1,500 Aventadors in the US built between 2012 and 2017 and owners will be contacted by Lamborghini and asked to send their Lambos to the nearest service center. A statement by Lamborghini claims that the issue is with the evaporative emissions control system, which could cause fuel vapors to not be treated correctly if the gas tank is overfilled.

Combining these untreated and volatile vapors with the high stress situations experienced during "particular maneuvers" like "engine over-revving at idle" can cause the stray fumes to contact hot gases near the exhaust and combust, especially so if the Aventador is fitted with an aftermarket exhaust. Currently there are no reported injuries associated with the flaw but it's unclear whether this issue is what has led to Aventadors bursting into flames in the past, something we can fathom given that a quick Google search can procure a-not-so-small list of exemplary Aventador fires. If you own an Aventador, know that this is a normal part of Italian supercar life and go get that evaporative emissions system fixed.


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