Over 7,000 Applications Have Been Put In For The Ford GT

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We feel bad for whoever has to review each one.

By now you probably know all about the exhaustive application form prospective Ford GT buyers need to fill out. You probably also know that the supercar will run $450,000. These two things combined should help weed out a bunch of prospective owners, as should the fact that the automaker is only making 250 units per year. But despite all that GT applications have been flooding in. Dave Pericak, director of Ford Performance, told Car Throttle that over 5,000 applications have already been submitted.


Some of these might be jokes but we think the vast majority of them are legit. Despite the demand Pericak said Ford would not be upping production of the GT in order to cash in. "A lot of people have also asked if we're going to increase production and the answer is no. It's important for the brand and the collectors investing in the cars that we stick to those numbers. I mean, we're not going to get rich off this, but the car is going to help us build an awareness and an acknowledgement of our capabilities," he said. Now Pericak talked to Car Throttle a few days ago and since then the number of GT applications has risen. Ford Performance tweeted that over 7,000 applications have been put in for its new supercar.

The GT will be an amazing car but what is more exciting is how it will influence future Ford performance models. We're firmly in the camp of ST/RS all the things. German automakers have begun the process of turning every car in the lineup into a performance car, so why not Ford? There's already ST versions of the Fiesta and Focus and a sportier Fusion available. Why not ST/RS all the things, costs and engineering complications be damned?!

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