Over 800 People Took Home A Ford Bronco Last Month

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Deliveries are officially underway.

Ford posted its sales figures for June, moving 115,789 units (a disappointing decline of 26.9% compared to June 2020). But the highlight of the sales report is the first appearance of an extra special model. After seemingly endless delays, the 2021 Ford Bronco recorded its first official sales month with 801 units. This number isn't indicative of much since Ford still needs to produce more Broncos to meet demand, but it's a strong first showing. By comparison, the Ford Mustang Mach-E only moved 238 units in its first full month on sale.

Ford spokesperson Mike Levine shared his excitement for the first Bronco deliveries on Twitter. CarBuzz asked for a deeper breakdown of the 801 Bronco units, but Levine said there is "nothing further to share at this time." Ford clearly needs to sell a few more before determining the sales split between the body styles and engines.

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Beyond the Bronco, which for now only constitutes a fraction of sales, the Bronco Sport continues to thrive. Ford sold 8,355 Bronco Sports in June, totaling 60,514 units so far in 2021. The company says dealers only keep Bronco Sports on the lot for 15 days on average, and the vast majority of customers are coming from Jeep. Ford's electrified vehicle sales (counting electric vehicles and hybrids) increased 177% during June, capping off 56,570 units sold so far in 2021.

The F-150 PowerBoost is Ford's best-selling hybrid model with 17,039 units sold, followed by the Escape (hybrid and plug-in hybrid) with 15,642 units. The Mach-E racked up 2,465 units in June, totaling 12,975 units through the first half of the year. F-Series sales totaled 362,032 units, retaining Ford's status as the best-selling truck brand. Ford says it has taken over 100,000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning, the first electric F-150, which will launch next year.

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As buyers turn to Ford for electric vehicles, SUVs, and trucks, average transaction costs have skyrocketed. With sales for the Fusion and Fiesta basically nonexistent at this point, the average Ford sold for $47,800 in 2021 (up $6,400 compared to 2020). Speaking of expensive Fords, the Lincoln brand posted its best first-half sales ever. Lincoln sold 46,018 SUVs, up 23.3% compared to 2020.

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