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Over 90,000 Nissan Titan Owners Have A Problem

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What can be done about it?

Nissan has recalled more than 91,000 Titan full-size pickups over an electrical short that could cause the engine to stall. The recall notice covers the Nissan Titan from the model years 2017-2019 and specifically relates to the alternator harness. According to Nissan, the harness "could have been damaged during the engine installation process. A damaged harness contacting the metal frame can result in an electrical short."

In the federal government report, Nissan explains that "If an electrical short occurs, the customer may experience abnormal electrical activity in the vehicle such as interior lights flickering, intermittent radio, etc..."

The description of the safety risk says, "At low battery voltage, the vehicles electrical components may flicker and turn off. The vehicle may operate at reduced power and if the condition worsens, an engine stall may occur while driving. In rare cases, the short could result in an engine compartment thermal incident."

We suspect that an "engine compartment thermal incident" from an electrical short is a softened marketing term for "fire under the hood".

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The fix is straightforward though. Technicians will inspect the recalled vehicle to ensure the harness is properly routed and damage-free. If they find an issue, technicians will either clip the harness into its correct position if there's no damage or replace the damaged components free of charge.

The affected models are only light-duty Titans with gas-powered engines with build dates between April 14, 2016, and October 8, 2018. That means Titan XD owners need not worry, same as owners of Titans with diesel engines. Dealers were notified late in June and owners with affected vehicles should start receiving the recall notices through first class mail as of Tuesday, July 23.