Over Half Of The People Who Won The Ford GT Lottery Owned The First GT

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So much for the theory that you need to be famous to own a GT.

Ford broke a lot of hearts when it announced the lucky 500 people who would get to own the all-new GT. Many people have tried to figure out how the automaker chose the people it did. Was it because some of them were famous? Did being an actual Ford fanatic have anything to do with it at all? Ford has stayed mum on its selection process so far. But Ford executive vice president of product development and CTO, Raj Nair, did open up a bit about the automaker's thinking in an interview with @FordOnline.

When asked about the reaction the company has gotten to the rejection letters it sent out, Nair made sure to mention how limited the production of the GT is (500 units in two years) before he thanked the loyal Ford fans around the world. "As a gesture of our appreciation for Ford enthusiasts, 87% of the selected applicants are existing Ford vehicle owners and 69% own a previous generation Ford GT. We created a distribution strategy in an effort to be as fair as possible and are working on a plan that will allow us to make even more deserving applicants happy. Stay tuned." It's nice to hear that more than half of new GT owners actually own the old GT. But what's this about a plan to make deserving applicants happy?

Part of the outcry against the GT application process came from people who felt that loyal Ford fans had been snubbed. Automotive YouTuber Salomondrin made a video addressing just that, although he was talking more about his friends being snubbed than himself. We know that Ford is considering a second production run of the GT. Could these "more deserving applicants" get first place in the front of that new line? Will they have first dibs on other exclusive cars the automaker rolls out? Regardless, it's nice to hear that Ford took the selection process so seriously and that it's trying to look out for those loyal fans who just didn't make the cut. Here's hoping the Blue Oval actually backs up Raj Nair on this.


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