Overdrive Looks Like The Movie That Fast And Furious Used To Be

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Before it became a giant Dodge commercial with explosions and bad puns.

When we saw the first trailer for the new movie Overdrive, we thought it looked like a low budget ripoff of Fast and Furious with cheesier acting. The plot revolves around two brothers, played by Scott Eastwood and Freddie Thorp, who are expert car thieves. The brothers specialize in stealing expensive collector cars, and run into a dangerous gangster that they planned to steal from. This gangster then recruits them and their team to steal a Ferrari 250 GTO from a rival gang boss. Yeah, this sounds a lot like Fast and Furious.

The plot seems extremely silly, but at least its a movie about cars. Fast and Furious started off as a way for enthusiasts to live out street racing fantasies on the big screen, but has since turned into an explosion-fest with no regard for physics.

BMW wants everyone to know that its cars feature prominently in Overdrive. The German automaker has released a short trailer for the movie that emphasizes its starring role. The lead characters use a BMW M3 and a 6 Series Gran Coupe as getaway cars in the film. Plenty of other BMW models like the 4 Series convertible, i8 and 327 will also get screen time, as will a Mini Cooper. BMW will roll out several commercials based on the movie that emphasize the brand's core promise of "Sheer Driving Pleasure." We've been on BMW's case about building cars that don't appeal to enthusiasts, but this movie actually looks like a great way to showcase that BMWs are still fun to drive.

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