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Overdrive Price Custom Jaguar XJ220 at 400,001 Euros

Car #98 of 275 has just 12,427 miles on the clock and comes with a host of subtle upgrades.

Around this time last year, Bulgarian aftermarket company Overdrive unveiled its Jaguar XJ220. The modified British supercar is now up for sale at a German dealership priced at a whopping 400,001 Euros. Don't ask us why the additional Euro. Sporting a beautiful chameleon paint job, the rare early-Nineties Jaguar wears carbon-fiber exterior tips from Akrapovic, custom LED headlights, rear LED taillights borrowed from a Ferrari 599 and ADV.1 alloys.

The 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and five speed manual transmission have been restored, while the interior is trimmed in carbon fiber, leather and Alcantara. A Ground Zero sound system and McIntosh player delivers luscious sounds to match the gorgeous green, brown and gold blended body.

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