Overfinch Lovingly Builds First Range Rover Priced in Excess Of £200,000

Yeah, it looks pretty nice.

Obviously, which side of the £200,000 mark this vehicle lands on is little more than a technicality. The important thing is that, at £205,000, it is the most expensive Range Rover ever tuned by Overfinch and arguably the most extensive RR on the market. Period. And while the sum might sound extremely high, it should be obvious that quite a lot of work and attention to detail went into making the Long Wheelbase example of Overfinch’s very best. First off, the paint is Santorini Black.

There are carbon fiber elements in the bumpers, a new stainless-steel exhaust and new 22-inch wheels, but the really impressive part is the interior. Here you’ll find Ebony-colored leather from Bridge of Weir in Scotland. There are Piano Black veneers with pearl inserts, and the truck has been fitted with a motorized sliding floor, which will move the luggage for you and eliminate the need for all of that undignified bending over. It’s an impressive machine, and as always, Overfinch manages to walk that line where things are attention-getting without being garish, which is perhaps the most impressive part.

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