Own A 1:1 Replica Of The Williams FW45 In Gulf Colors

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This is the ultimate piece of F1 memorabilia.

If you're in the market for the ultimate piece of Formula 1 memorabilia, look no further than the 1:1 replica of the Williams FW45 wearing the famous Gulf Oil colors. It's the exact same livery Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant cars have been wearing for the past three races, following another special livery that celebrated the team's founder, the late Sir Frank Williams.

This particular livery is called Bolder Than Bold, and it was one of four options presented to fans who got to choose which one would be painted on the car. According to F1 Authentics, where the replica is being auctioned, it celebrates "the boldness of those determined to make their mark, keep progressing and pushing boundaries."

We just think it looks epic.

Williams Williams

Only the one replica will be built by Memento Exclusives, which also happens to be owned by the CEO of F1 Authentics, the official Formula 1 online store. The online bidding has officially started, and the winning offer (with 18 days to go at the time of writing) currently stands at roughly $118,000. You don't get a 1.6-liter electrified V6 included for that price. Instead, F1 Authentics includes a visit to the ROFGO Gulf Heritage Collection and a tour of the Williams F1 factory to see where the real deal is built.

The visit to the Gulf Heritage Collection alone is worth the price, as you'll get up close and personal with several famous racing cars wearing the Gulf livery. Examples include the Le Mans-winning Audi R8, the Porsche 917, and the famous McLaren GTR F1 Longtail. You can still apply the Gulf livery to a modern McLaren supercar, such as the 750S, but it's not the same.

Williams Williams

On the topic of the car celebrating progress and pushing the boundaries, it chose the right team to partner with. The last time Williams scored double digits in the constructors' championship was in 2017. Since then, it has been either come last or second last. Last year, Williams was stone-dead last with eight points. This year, it has elevated itself to seventh on the grid with 21 points, all scored by Alex Albon. If the UK team can keep this momentum up, the payout at the end of the season will be worth millions.

Hopefully, this will give Williams the boost it needs to get further up the midfield and eventually back to the top where it used to be a serious player.

If this particular one-off is a bit too rich for your blood, F1 Authentics also sells a portion of the checkered flag used at the end of a race at quite a reasonable price.

Williams Williams

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