Own One Of These Fords? It Could Run Over Your Foot

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You might want to make sure you've applied the parking brake in these models.

Ford has announced two safety recalls in North America covering separate issues that result in the same problem: putting cars at risk of rolling away. Ford’s first recall affects certain examples of the 2019 Ranger pickup truck.

According to the manufacturer, two fasteners that secure the transmission shift cable bracket to the transmission housing may not have been torqued to specification in affected models. This could cause the transmission shift cable bracket to become loose, resulting in the transmissions being in a different gear to the gearshift position selected by the driver.

Consequently, this means the driver is likely to remove the ignition key without realizing the pickup isn’t in park and cause the vehicle to roll away, increasing the risk of a crash or injury. Fortunately, Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries relating to this defect. Around 2,500 vehicles are being recalled in the US, while around 260 are being recalled in Canada. Affected vehicles include 2019 Ranger vehicles built at Michigan Assembly Plant between March 5-13, 2019.

Once recalled, dealers will properly torque the two fasteners and verify the proper operation of the transmission selector. In the meantime, Ford recommends applying the parking brake when the engine is switched off just to be safe.

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A significantly larger recall is also being issued for as many as 270,000 examples of the 2013-16 Ford Fusion sedan in North America. Affected vehicles were built at both the Flat Rock Assembly Plant and the Hermosillo Assembly Plant between early 2012 and early 2016.

In this case, the problem related to the bushing that attaches the shifter cable, which may degrade and detach from the transmission. If this happens, it may cause the transmission to be in different gear from the gearshift position selected by the driver and, you guessed it, cause the vehicle to roll away. Ford is aware of three reports of property damage and one report of an injury potentially related to this issue. Ford is still working to identify the cause of the problem and will notify owners when a fix is ready.