Own This Trashed Lambo Sesto Elemento "NFS" Stunt Double

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You could say this replica has been permanently retired.

Chances are you don't own a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Only 20 people do. So if you're not one of those lucky and rich owners, then you'll have to find a substitute. Maybe you're lucky enough to have the cash for a Gallardo. If not, well, then perhaps you can place a bid for this trashed Sesto Elemento stunt double. After its role in the upcoming "Need For Speed," this replica was obviously no longer deemed road worthy and was sent to the movie studio junk yard.

But something like this certainly still has some value, and it's now up for sale on eBay with a current bid of $9,999. Take one look at it and you'll immediately understand why the film's producers didn't buy a real Sesto Elemento. Fortunately, this replica can be repaired if the eventual owner decides to make the investment and effort to track down the necessary parts. It'd be quite a job considering this thing has been completely trashed. But still, nearly $10k for a Hollywood replica Lambo? You decide whether that's worth the investment.

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