Owner Loses Beautiful McLaren P1 To Hurricane Ian Just One Week After Buying It

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The owner also lost a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 monster, arrived in full force in Florida yesterday.

Florida is known for two things: wealth and old people, so it only makes sense that a few supercars will lose their lives in the coming days. One of the first to fall victim to Ian is a McLaren P1, which was dragged out of its garage and into the streets.

As you can see in the image below, the seawater has gone up above the tires. Considering the P1's famous see-through mesh at the rear, there's no doubt the water also worked its way into the engine and EV bits. Is it a write-off? Probably not. Thanks to the P1's limited production run, it will likely be saved, but it will have to carry a flooded title for the rest of its life.


To make matters worse, the owner, Ernie, only took delivery of his P1 a week ago. According to comments on his Instagram page, Ernie also lost his Rolls-Royce Ghost. In an image posted on Reddit, you can see both cars covered in water before they were dragged out of the garage and into the streets.

Ernie's car is number 348 of 375 units built. McLaren P1 values are slowly increasing towards $2 million, with current estimates sitting at $1.7 million. Ernie likely had insurance, but it's going to be impossible to find a replacement car. Thankfully, McLaren's MSO department still has everything it needs to fix a P1 and even released updates for the car earlier this year.


Unfortunately, Ernie isn't getting much sympathy from the internet. We've seen comments about how he should have installed lifts or parked his car in a multi-story car park. Others have even gone as far as saying that it might be insurance fraud.

This recent trend of hating on people who have nice things is sickening, to say the least. We don't know Ernie, and we have no idea what he does for a living. Was he even in Florida when the hurricane hit, or was he stuck somewhere else, hoping to get home on time to move the cars to a safe spot? We just don't know. So show some sympathy, dammit. For all we know, Ernie could be a decent guy who worked his entire life to be able to afford nice things...

We noticed the same trend when we posted about Florida floods destroying a wonderful Ferrari collection earlier this year.


The first-ever customer car sold for $1.8 million earlier this year. Considering the original retail price of $1.15 million, the P1 seems to be a safe investment. We also love that McLaren didn't just move on to the next thing and forget about the P1. In January this year, McLaren introduced a new high-performance battery for the car. The new battery weighed 123.5 pounds less, and it improved its performance.

It's unlikely we'll ever see something like the P1 again. As McLaren's technology evolved, it could build the Senna, which was as fast even without the hybrid components.

McLaren also recently introduced its second hybrid, based around a V6 engine. The Artura is the brand's future, making all twin-turbo V8 McLarens even more special.

From our side, we hope the car is salvageable.


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