Owner Of Noisy, Disruptive BMW 3 Series Sued By Neighbors

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They're claiming $15,000 in reparations.

Possibly the only time that a gearhead doesn't enjoy the booming, unfiltered sound of an aftermarket exhaust system is if it disrupts an otherwise pleasant afternoon nap. If you aren't a car person in the first place, the noise is probably even worse. That's been the case for two frustrated California residents who have gone as far as to sue their neighbor, Bryan Hillman. Hillman owns a heavily modified E46 BMW 3 Series and the raucous sound of the car has been disturbing residents in the area for over five years. Evidently, the offending exhaust system doesn't have a quiet mode. Hillman has now been served with a notice to cough up $15,000 in reparations.

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This amount is for Hillman's noisy car "interfering with the quiet enjoyment of my (their) property." One of these neighbors is claiming an amount of $2,000 per year over the five-year period and the other is suing for half that amount. Hillman, who goes by the charming handle @staticb1tch on Twitter, claimed that his infuriated neighbor was "delusional" and shared a series of tweets about the claims, clearly believing them to be unwarranted.

An excerpt from the court document states the following: "Bryan Hillman has breached the covenant of quiet enjoyment of our home for over five years through his vehicle's loud modified mufflers and reckless driving."

staticb1tch/Twitter staticb1tch/Twitter

Hillman was also accused of "verbal assault and intimidation". According to Tire Meets Road, he is selling merchandise with offensive language clearly directed at one of his neighbors named Susan. While many of us like to have some fun with our cars, a residential area isn't the place to do so and careless driving in such an environment is simply irresponsible. That's what track days are for.

Hillman hasn't done himself any favors by continuing to laugh off the complaints, although the deletion of several social media posts of him doing donuts seems to indicate that not everything immediately went out the other ear. If the neighbors can prove that the noise from the BMW causes substantial interference, it could be them having the last laugh.

2002-2005 BMW 3 Series Sedan Driving Front Angle BMW 2002-2005 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving BMW
2002-2005 BMW 3 Series Sedan Driving Front Angle
2002-2005 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving
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2002-2005 BMW 3 Series Sedan Driving Front Angle

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