Owner Of Porsche Carrera GT Lets Lion Cub Walk All Over His Ride Because Rich and Dumb

Pretty cute though.

When you’re rich enough to own one of the most beautiful, most exciting cars ever made, obviously you can do whatever the hell you like with it. But watching this lion cub – as cute as it is – walk all over this pristine Porsche GT just feels wrong. Leaving the ethics of keeping a lion as a pet to one side, the race-derived supercar should be treasured not used as a plaything for a wild animal.

Presumably the little cat isn’t allowed to befoul the GT’s interior. She’s probably got a 911 for doing her business in. And there’s no mention of whether the cute cub has ever been taken for a spin in the 600-hp V10-powered supercar. She doesn’t like listening to it firing up, that’s for sure.

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