Owner Saves His BMW E30 M3 From Hurricane Matthew By Parking It Inside His House


The things gearheads will do for their beloveds.

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall a few days ago, residents of Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina fled for their lives, taking what they could with them. But one Florida resident, Instagram user Randy, who goes by the name 'Jalilsup' decided to stay put and not evacuate his home, or his prized BMW E30 M3. First reported by Motor Trend, Randy simply did what any good gearhead and BMW enthusiast would do in this situation: drive the car right the front double-doors of his house.

Randy even took pictures of his new "housemate" and posted them to Instagram to prove that's exactly what he did. UPDATE: CarBuzz brings you the video.

Randy made the best of a terrible situation and, fortunately, both he and the E30 M3 survived the deadly hurricane. Sadly, so many other people weren't so lucky, such as the 877 Haitians who died when Hurricane Matthew struck their island nation. Photos courtesy of Randy (@jalilsup) via Instagram.

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