Owner Wrecks $390k Bugatti Super Go Kart

After its brakes fail, this original 1924 Bugatti race car loses its grip and flips over. Its driver walks away and goes for a beer.

With a retail value of more than £250,000 (around $386,325), this original 1924 Bugatti suffered severe damage that will cost plenty to fix. Taking part in a vintage car race, the rare Bugatti was being driven by owner Edmund Burgess when it experienced brake failure and ultimately flipped over while taking a turn. Thing is, Burgess got stuck underneath the car in the process but managed to walk away unharmed. After getting the all clear by the paramedics and dusting himself off, he went straight to the bar for a beer.

The Bugatti, on the other hand requires some major repairs and it pains us to even think of what the total bill will come to. Fortunately Burgess can likely afford it and he plans to have the car up and racing in just eight weeks.

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